Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bones finale.

I...I...what WAS that? The whole episode was so uncomfortable - I was incredibly stressed 0ut watching it, and not in the "Oooh, suspense, whodunit?!" way. It wasn't even fun - just awkward, uncomfortable, badly done, and SO SAD AT THE END.

I really think it was a casualty of the writers strike - that was at least four episodes worth of stuff jammed into one. (As was the Pam thing - she should have had several episodes to develop that attachment.) The crummy thing is, it didn't have to be. There was no reason for this frantic wrapping up of loose ends that the writers did. They could have easily left us hanging over the summer. Let the Pam arc go on...let us wonder for a few more months who Gormagon was...maybe even develop that mysterious guy at Booth's not-funeral.

I'm so disappointed.

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