Sunday, August 10, 2008

Book Review: God's Blogs

I've been meaning to review this book for awhile.  My daughter brought it home for me from her summer camp, as a Father's Day present.

God's Blogs is a book of blogs written by God.  Well, not really. But the author writes the book as if it's God in the first person writing blogs, but not really blogs because they're in a book and not on a website.  And there are lots of things in the blogs that can't be done on a website.  Doodles, circles words, notes going up and down the margins and between lines.

When I first flipped through the book and saw these things, I thought it would really be irritating once I actually read the book.  But it turns out it wasn't (because God acknowledges that he is doing, and that he can, because he's God).

This isn't a deeply religious book with all kinds of significance, and it might not be a good book for a non-Christian. As a life-long Christian myself, though, the topics in the blogs were a nice reminder of what God is and what life with God can and should be like. 

For example, at one point God says (in the book, not in the Bible):
"Contact Info.
Just call me...
Out loud,
in your head,
with your heart.
I'll get it."

and another time says

"I miss hearing the sound
of your voice
telling Me what you're thinking about."

Reading that, as a Christian, made me think to myself - Oh yeah... I really need to pray more.  And prayer isn't just about me asking God to solve my problems - Christianity is a personal relationship with God and is more than just "gimme", a relationship takes work, takes communication, it's a give and take.

Many of the other blogs by God brought similar thoughts to mind about my relationship with God - and I think that's the point.


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