Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I hate politics

Have I mentioned that before? By nature, I'm mostly conservative. Certain politicians running in certain impending elections scare me. I can't really verbalize why, though - it's just a feeling I get. However, the pick of Sarah Palin as a VP candidate really makes me almost excited to vote in the election.

Why? She's exactly what I'm looking for in a "politician": young, no Washington experience whatsoever (and little real political experience), conservative, challenging to big oil, pro-life, pro-gun, a proud mom and family person.

In fact, I found a quote by her that pretty much sums that up :

"As governor, I've stood up to the old politics-as-usual, to the special interests,
to the lobbyists, the big oil companies, and the good-ol'-boy network"- Sarah Palin

Yes! Thank you very much. That's exactly what we need in Washington, and really in every single political position across the nation - both locally and nationally.

Political commentators are stuck thinking the status quo in politics is the always the way to go - no matter what party currently occupies the top office or controls the houses. What this country needs is some freshness in the "halls of power", not just someone young and inexperienced, but someone who actually represents the people and not the money-grubbing good ol' boy franchise that is running rampant. Certain politicians, I feel, will keep up the status quo (both of the top candidates, actually, in my opinion). But having a VP like Sarah Palin at least hints of possibilities out of the ordinary.

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