Monday, September 08, 2008


Most people hate Mondays: back to work, back to school, Just Another Manic Monday...
Not me! I love Mondays!  My work week isn't a normal work week - Monday isn't usually a back-to-work day for me. Rubi works part time, so it's not for her either.  Yes, for the kids Mondays are reasons to be bummed.  But not me!
Mondays I get to spend the entire day, while the kids are in school and I'm not at work, with my bride! Rubi doesn't work on Mondays, and I don't start work until three in the afternoon. Once the kids are in school, Rubi and I have time completely to ourselves.
Today, we went Rollerblading around the neighborhood (and Rubi had her first fall in over 15 years - she's okay though, I fell 3 times I think, neither of use fell very hard, more of a kneeling down to avoid totally wiping out), then we lounged around the house (okay, I napped for a bit while she played computer games), then we went out for lunch, then we went browsing for clothes and shoes for the kids, then we went home and played computer games together until I realized I was about to be late for work and rushed out the door.
Rubi and I both look forward to our Mondays together.
Here's to looking forward to next Monday!

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