Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Real Life Trumps Blogging, yet again.

Crazy busy around here, but in a good way. October brings almost a full month of relative downtime before the kids schedules explode again.

Soccer season has ended for the time being - Elizabeth stepped out of the defensive zone for the first time on a regular basis in her 6-year soccer career, and loved it. She discovered how much she loves playing forward, and has got a real knack for it. She (and the entire JV team at her school) improved so much this season - it was very cool to watch them get better and better every game.
Next year will bring our first taste of travel soccer, so starting in November, she'll be keeping her skills sharp in an off-season indoor league.

Alexander and Catherine, not being as soccer mad as Elizabeth, will be playing basketball and cheering, respectively, also starting in November.

For now, I'm just enjoying a month of not dashing around the house yelling things like "I don't KNOW where your other cleat is, but hurry up and find it! We gotta go! Yes, here's your water getinthevanAUGHHHH!"

The usual chaos still applies, though. Part time job that I adore, helping with class parties, helping with homework, keeping the house up, hanging out with friends, and vegging out in front of the computer.

I'm loving the new season of Bones. They've somehow redeemed themselves in my eyes from the nightmarish ending of last season, and I didn't think they'd be able to do that. Zach made me weep for most of the latest episode. "King of the loony bin", indeed. [sob] More Bones tomorrow, yay!

Uh, what else? I dunno. I <3 Mondays, but my Kev already covered that. [blows kiss]

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