Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seven Things About Me You Probably Don't Care About

Derek tagged me on this.
Okay... I've done several of these random useless facts about me before. I always have a difficult time coming up with ...interesting things - or at least things I think someone would find interesting. That's why on the last one I did, I mentioned that I like cheese - because these random useless facts are so hard to come up with!
1:  At home I have one monitor on my computer (and it's OLD). At work, I have four computer monitors that I use all the time, plus three more that are in my peripheral vision that I use as needed, as well several other screens (computer/TV) that are in the room that have information I might need on them.
2: I have blue eyes.
3: I love free stuff! I'd take samples passed out in stores even if it's for something I'd never use. Granted: I'll probably end up throwing it away if it is something I'd never use. 
4:  I'd like to learn to shoot a gun, just so I have the knowledge. (I mean, besides 1: point away from self, 2: pull trigger).
5: Five is my favorite number. Always has been as long as I can remember. I think maybe because in grade school the Fives Multiplication Table was rather easy...
(shoot... I was thinking Five was how many I had to do. Now I have to come up with two more).
6: I sometimes post reviews of books I read, but I read many more books than I review online - I love to read.
7:  I abhor working 3rd shift hours. 
I'm supposed to tag seven other people and have them do this meme. But I don't like to tag people. If you read this and want to do it too, go ahead!

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