Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Snow!

Rubi said she plans on blogging some of the pics she's taken of what one local blogger sarcastically called a "Snowpocalypse". We got an inch of ice and 6 inches of snow. Iced over power lines failed, iced over tree limbs broke off and fell onto power lines.  At one point locally, almost half of our city's population was without power. Some entire towns in the area are without power.
The power to our house starting browning out early in the evening on Tuesday. A little after 2am Wednesday morning, it went out completely.  Later Wednesday morning, our phone went out too, but by that time we had temporarily relocated to Rubi's parents' house. They were nice enough to open up their home to our clan until our power comes back on. We're blessed to have family in-town that we can rely on. The power to my parents' house is out too; they went to stay with one of my sisters.
I was off work for a couple of days when the storm hit (I seem to be lucky that way!), but had to go back today.  Rubi tried to go to work, but couldn't make it in Wednesday, and today when she got there, discovered only some of the building had power - and not the part that she needed! 
We still have around 50,000 people without power here in our city, and thousands more in the area without power. School's been out since Tuesday. I can't ever remember school being out for that long due to a storm.
The power company keeps teasing me. They told me they'd call me when the power to our house is back on.  They keep calling me - but to let me know they are aware of my outage and are working on the problem, and it could be next week before they turn it back on.

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