Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Year in Review

I did a decade in review first... then thought I might as well do a year in review as well.

January: Snowpocalypse! An ice storm forces us to spend a week with at Rubi's parents' house because ours was without power.

February: We got to come home!

March: uh... Daylight Saving Time began?

April: can't think of anything.

May: Duh, 15th wedding anniversary!

June: Massive remodeling project on the kids' rooms.

July: The kids spent a week with Rubi's parents. Awesome!

August: Rubi begins occasionally guest co-hosting Massively Speaking, the podcast from the website she will later become employed at.

September: Rubi gets hired on at!

October: Rubi stresses over working two jobs, and her secratary job finally succumbs to the pressure. Kevin and Rubi start a podcast. Rubi's sister moves to Texas.

November: I have to work Thanksgiving. Again. The first episode of our podcast hits the feed.

December: We welcome Miss Kitty Fantastico into our home.

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