Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Had a nice, but way too short, visit with my youngest sister today just before I had to leave for work. She, and her two children, were in town briefly to visit my parents – both of whom have taken a turn for the worse lately.


My mom, almost 76, has been fighting complications from a hip replacement, among other things. Both her knee replacements went well years back, but the hip replacement a few years ago caused all kinds of problems, and she finally ended up dehydrated and in the ER, then a short hospital stay, and now is in physical therapy at a nursing home until they deem she’s capable (if ever) of going home.


My dad, 81, has been getting slower and slower, among other things, and when I took him out to visit my mom recently he was more unsteady than usual – almost falling over several times. Later that day my oldest sister, a nurse, thought his symptoms were reminiscent of a stroke and took him to the ER. They admitted him, discovered he needed a pacemaker and installed it the next day. Then they discovered he had indeed had a stroke and now he too will need to go stay in a nursing home for physical therapy until he’s capable (if ever) of returning home.


My oldest sister is trying to get them both into a facility where they can be together. Mom will have to be moved from where she’s at, but she won’t mind – she doesn’t like the place she’s at, and my dad doesn’t like it either.


My oldest sister is doing a phenomenal job handling these matters, as well as dealing with our grumpy father pretty much every day and making sure mom is being taken care of as well.



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