Friday, April 08, 2005


I feel ...unwell.
I either am having a horrendous allergy attack, or I've got a cold.
My nose is running, I've had a mild cough for about a week.
I'm congested. My eyes are itchy and watery.
I fell kinda like I'm feverish, but I'm not sure (I'm at work, so I can't check my temp).
My throat is scratchy and my voice is being affected by all the above symptoms.

It's probably allergies. This area is notorious for allergies and respiratory problems.
I would've called in sick to work today, but I had a 2-hour in-service training before my shift started, and I felt I needed to attend that. And it would probably have meant 2 supervisors would've had to split my shift and end up working 12 hours - and we all hate that.
And I probably would've ended up running errands with Rubi all day.

If I feel like this tomorrow - I'm calling in sick. Even if it means the other supervisors have to work 12.

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