Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Rough Week

Poor Rubi.
She's had it bad lately.
She already posted about her bad day Monday.
Basically, she's been sick-ish for more almost 3 weeks now.
Finally last week her doctor made her get a chest x-ray. Monday, from those she found she has pneumonia. Then she went to the YMCA to work-out and go for a swim.
But before she gets inside the Y, she bangs her head on the van door and gets a bleeding head wound outside the Y. Her doctor sent her to the ER to get stitches, but instead she got a tetanus shot that made her arm hurt for 48 hours.
The next afternoon, after feeling ill all morning (and worn out the previous day), takes not only our 3 kids to the Y to go swimming, but one of Elizabeth's friends too, and her friend Susan and Susan's 2 kids accompany her. While at the Y, somehow she stumbles and scrapes her toes in the pool. Then she is bending over Alexander to pick him or dry him off or something, and Alexander jumps straight up and headbutts her - practically giving her a black eye.

Then she comes home and accidentally pokes her out with a fork... no wait, that hasn't happened yet - but I'm starting to think she might actually do that to herself on purpose just to get it over with.

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