Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Procrastination Post.

Found this "meme" at Unfinished Work. It's supposed to be a procrastinating post to keep me from doing something productive.  But I've been up since 4:30 this morning (had to work dayshift instead of my usual 2nd shift), and I've already posted three other things today (that were way past due).
My name ... Puddintain
My childhood ambition ... To be a radio DJ
My fondest memory ... Memes! Nothing but Memes! (Wait, that's a nightmare)
My soundtrack ... is still in post-production.
My retreat ... will be my greatest advance!
My wildest dream ... Memes! Nothing but - wait, I've done that already.
My proudest moment ... sheesh, too many to name. Most recently, when Elizabeth decided all on her own to get baptized, and saw that desire through.
My biggest challenge ... not procrastinating.
My alarm clock ... Die! Die! Must sleep more!
My perfect day ... Sleep in. Eat. Nap. Family time. Eat. Nap. Sleep. Never Drive.
My first job ... Little Caesers Pizza.
My indulgence ... Cake. Pizza. Cheesecake. uh... food?
My last purchase ... gas for the van. Fun purchase: Serenity.
My favorite movie ... too many to name. Star Wars, Serenity, the latest Chronicles of Narnia.
My inspiration ... has perspiration in a rythm nation but no glaciation. (What in Tarnation?!)
My life ... Isn't that a Bon Jovi song?
My card ... has the wrong Zip Code on it. My suggestion: Don't order business cards off the internet at 3 o'clock in the morning.
After filling out memes, I keep remembering I'm supposed to be using titles of Queen songs to answer them... oh well.  Maybe I'll do the next meme that way.
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