Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Review: Mock n Roll

From Mind&Media, I received a copy of Mock n Roll by Paul Aldrich.
A cute musical comedy CD, not quite as kid-friendly as I expected.
Don't get me wrong: there's absolutely nothing wrong with this CD, no explicit lyrics or anything like that - It's completely clean; just some of the humor I don't want to have to explain to a five year old. I'd say the humor is maybe for anyone over thirteen years of age. Younger than that and they just won't get it, or you might have to explain some concepts that younger kids aren't ready to understand.
Samples of the songs are available on Paul's website.
I first described this as a "cute" CD. It's not side-splitting funny. It's "thinking funny". You'll be saying to yourself, "Oh yeah, I know exactly what he means" when he sings about driving through the night and coming upon a glowing sign that lets you know you can feed your Slurpy craving. Or you'll agree (begrudgingly) when he sings that he's got cable TV and a modem, but should stop wasting his time with those and learn to love his "brothers and sisters" instead. And you'll laugh at the ridiculousness of the political correctness of Gilligan's P.C. Island. And, if you're like me, you'll laugh at the Dyslexic Love Song, even though the song doesn't accurately describe dyslexia (unless you're a conediam).
There's more to find and enjoy on the CD, and it's all fun; plus more humor to explore on Paul's website.

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