Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Review: God Is The Gospel

From Mind&Media, I received a copy of John Piper's God Is The Gospel.

An excellent book reminding us what exactly the gospels in the Bible are trying to tell us.
I found this book to be very interesting. I'd be reading, and just starting to lose interest because it seemed the author was long-winded, when Bam! - he says something important or interesting that instantly grabs my attention right back into the text. At times it seems he is belaboring a point, and then the point becomes so fascinating that I have to keep reading.
This book needs to be studied, not browsed through or picked up on whim. It requires the readers concentration on the topic, and pays off by reminding us that God is the ultimate goal of Christianity - not being good people, or singing worship songs in church once a week - but eternity with God. And I can't do justice to explaining that point in a few words - that's why John Piper wrote the book.

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