Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Review: Nature Never Stops Talking

From Mind&Media, I received a copy of Samuel J. Alibrando's book Nature Never Stops Talking. It's a collection of articles on nature and, basically how amazing God is for creating it.

The author doesn't bash you over the head with religion. Instead, he subtly evokes a world-view where God is the Creator, and that's refreshing in any book. When I first got the book, I expected a series of essays on how the author was walking in the woods and heard the crickets chirping and that reminded him of the angels singing praises to God - or something like that. That's not what I got. Instead, the articles and essays are well thought out and researched observations of the facts of everyday life, nature, science, mathematics, astronomy, etc. and how amazing it is that God simply spoke the world into existence creating all these things.

This is a great table-top book for visitors to pick up and browse, or for anyone that loves nature, and loves our Creator-God.

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