Thursday, November 30, 2006

Reverse M.C.F.A.T.

This time, MCF gives us the answers and we have to come up with the questions - and he'll award points!
I'm a little late on this one - but at least I participated. 
I tried to be as... unusual as possible.
1. Howie Mandel and Gilbert Gottfried.
Who has MCF modeled his superhero looks and voice after?
2. Because I was bored.
Uhh... MCF?  Why did you redecorate the Watchtower in a Spiderman theme?
3. Polly-O string cheese.
What secret weapon did MCF once use to save the world?
4. Sister Christian.
What was the song Evil Lord Vilifarous* once played to lull MCF into a quasi-state of relaxation?
5. Seinfeld; Prison Break; Joey.
Name the three television shows where MCF's mysterious cloaked elbow is slightly visible in a scene of at least one episode.
6. My finger was stuck in a hole in the desk.
Hey MCF! Why didn't you help redecorate the Watchtower after the Spiderman drapes fiasco?
7. A Recorder.
Besides the harpsichord, what is the worst musical instrument ever invented?
8. A refrigerator box.
What is the secret hiding place of MCF's teleportation device?
9. Peter, Cindy, and Dudley.
What is the name of the strange English dish of tacos, jam, and an elderberry milkshake?
10. Jams.
MCF, besides songs by Nightranger, what is your only weakness that supervillains can use to defeat you?
11. Alcohol.
What was the primary cause of the Spiderman decorations fiasco?
12. Goggles.
What is the one item MCF refuses to wear with his superhero costume?
13. April.
Name the female human friend of the TMNT that MCF once blackmailed into helping him redecorate the JLA Watchtower?
14. Hold a pen properly.
What words of wisdom did your superhero mentor give to you before he passed away?
15. Oyster Bay.
What is the name of the grunge band that MCF's secret civilian identity plays the Recorder for?
16. Iceman, Nibbler, and Megatron.
What characters did Peter, Cindy, and Dudley dress as while distracting the JLA so MCF could redecorate the Watchtower.
17. “This can't be a dream; there are no girls!”
What has MCF been known to shout as he rushes into battle with supervillains?
18. He doesn't have one.
What excuse does MCF give when other superheroes ask to use his teleportation device?
19. Change.
Evil Lord Vilifarous once distracted MCF by throwing some of this on the ground at his feet?
20.”Sweet Christmas!”
What is MCF's favorite exclamation?
*Evil Lord Vilifarous does not exist in any known continuity.

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