Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wish List

Chris Pirillo posted his "faux" wish list in his latest newsletter.
It's pretty good, and I can agree with most of them. Add these things to my wish list too (though I'm not too concerned at this point about numbers 5 and 6).
Chris Pirillo's wish list:
(1) World peace;
(2) True instant messaging platform interoperability;
(3) The death penalty for spammers and spyware vendors;
(4) An end to DRM;
(5) Windows Vista Visual Service Pack 1;
(6) OS X on non-Apple hardware;
(7) A mobile communications company that doesn’t suck;
(8) Full U.S. government disclosure on UFOs and ETs;
(9) More friends who aren’t on MySpace; and
(10) A public apology from George Lucas for all three prequels.

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