Thursday, February 01, 2007

Vote for the name of the next SITH LORD

The current Star Wars Expanded Universe series of novels, called Legacy of the Force, features Han and Leia's son Jacen Solo turning to the dark side in what he sees as the only way of bringing to peace to the galaxy.
Much like his grandfather Anakin Skywalker thought years earlier during the Clone Wars.

Only this series of novels does a much better job of showing his reasons for falling to the dark side and makes the readers wonder if that really is the only way. But really we just know he's being deluded and we scream at him as we read the pages that he's making a big mistake.

As Jacen fully gives in to the dark side, he will take a Sith name, much like Palpatine gave Anakin Skywalker the name Vader.

Del Rey and Lucasfilm took suggestions from fans for Jacen's Sith name, and they have narrowed it down to five and are now taking votes for what will become Jacen's official Sith name in the EU.

Vote for the name of the next SITH LORD!

Who will be the next SITH LORD?

We asked you for your input in naming the next Sith Lord. We received more
than 8,500 entries. From them, the Lucasfilm, Del Rey editors and Legacy of the
Force authors Karen Traviss, Troy Denning and Aaron Allston narrowed it down to
five finalist.
Choose from the five names below, and help name the next Sith
Darth Acheron
Darth Caedus
Darth Judicar
Darth Paxis
Darth Taral

Vote at

The winning Sith Lord will be name will be revealed in Star Wars®: Legacy
of the Force: Sacrifice, the fifth book in the new Legacy of the Force series.
On sale in Del Rey/Lucasbooks hardcover May 29, 2007.

Wow, those names are quite lame. There's discussion of them on the boards at - with Darth Judicar and Darth Paxis being the seeming best suited names for Jacen as he sees himself as judge of the galaxy (Judicar) and the bringer of peace (Paxis). Caedus, depending on how you pronounce it, seems to be too close for comfort to the name of the Skywalker character in the Legacy comic book series set some time in the future after this series. Taral is just dumb. And Acheron is a river or something from mythology, and from what I've read, the fans aren't sure how that relates to Jacen.

Go vote. Or don't. Maybe if no one votes for any of these names, They'll go back and pick different names. But I doubt it.

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