Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Catch-up

I finally got to see Transformers the other night.

I had a work/dinner meeting Thursday evening, and afterwards I had a little bit of time to kill before the flick started, so I went to Wally-World and bought Rubi's birthday gift and looked to see if they might have set out early a new game we want. They didn't have the game, but I got a great deal on an MP3 player that Rubi wanted for her birthday.

After that, I went to the theater where they paid me two dollars to go watch Transformers.  I had ten dollars in Movie Bucks, and the ticket was only eight dollars so I got actually two dollars back in cash!  Sweet!

I've been a Transformers fan off and on since I was a kid. Loved the cartoon, had some of the toys, read a handful of the comic books.  Dropped out of fandom pretty much after the original cartoon movie came out.  Occasionally noticed in stores that there were new Transformers that changed into bugs and animals (at the time, I thought they were rip-off brands). Then through the interwebs I heard that those toys were based on a cartoon that those toys were based on a new computer animated cartoon that was a story continuation of the original cartoon.

And that got me back into fandom.

I went into the movie expecting to maybe enjoy the film, but I had my reservations.  But I came out really liking it.  It was a fun ride.  Sure, there are some nitpicks, and a couple of scenes I wasn't fond of their nature, but on the whole the movie was a blast.  Mind you, it wasn't a deep movie with lots of hidden meaning, just a fun summer popcorn movie (but I passed on the popcorn this time).

Alexander's birthday was last week. In addition to some other great gifts, he got some Transformers stuff. I got him a CliffJumper keychain (that I wanted to keep for myself). He also got a couple of movie characters from his grandparents and his aunt.

In other news... the kids go back to school in like 4 weeks.  Sheesh, seems like "summer break" is nothing anymore.  Elizabeth has soccer tryouts this week. Alexander gets to play in the spring.  Catherine finally gets to go to "big school", she'll be in a kindergarten!

I found a new "game" online that I'm trying to get into called "Dark Pirates".  It was linked off the main page of another game I'm playing called Ogame. Both are free online games.  You should join me there. 

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