Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another Stuff Post

Been awhile since I updated... I've been encouraging Elizabeth and Rubi (fail!) to post more often.  My sister, Val, recently updated her blog too! 
I've recently been elected as the new Webmaster for my local Star Wars Fan Club, the E'ville Jedi. Before, the club just had a myspace and their official forums at  I plan on expanding their webpresence in an effort to bring more people to the club.  I've got so many different accounts and webspaces now because of this that I had to create a separate user on my PC just for this hobby.
I've also recently been accepted as an audio editor on one of my favorite podcasts, The Signal! I'm really excited and nervous about that.  I'm excited because I love audio editing, and I'm nervous for a couple of reasons: it's time consuming and I don't have much spare time, and The Signal has a really tight professional sound and I hope I can keep that sound on the segments I edit.  I've already edited three segments for the upcoming episode.
And I don't think I ever mentioned it before, but I'm also a forum admin at
Carrie at MommyBrain mentioned that another blog, 5 Minutes for Momis giving away an MP3 player from Best Buy!  Gotta love blogs that give stuff away (like Carrie does sometimes). 
And in closing, MCF gives us a great review of Cloverfield.  I think I'll wait for the DVD.

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