Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wonderful day yesterday. Kev and I both had the day off work, and no giant rush to get out the door, thanks to a two-hour school delay. Once we packed the kids off to school, it was just us. We headed off to Logan's Roadhouse for lunch, where the steaks were...just...[drool]. Then to a nearby theater to see 27 Dresses. It was great. Tuesday matinees are the best - we arrived early and settled in with our snacks, and were the only people in the theater. So we amused ourselves by shouting out the answers to the movie trivia questions on the screen. We knew them all because they were on an endless loop that we saw 847 times. The previews were wonderful; several of them led us to look at each other and say "NEED to see that." Was fun. The movie was great too. Not the profanity-fest that so many are any more. (Holy cow, I'm getting old and stuffy.) Very funny ($140. You know what you did.), happy ending, all the good stuff. And James Marsden...I swear he gets yummier every time I see him. So. Cute. Hmmmm....Ahem, sorry, what? Right! Movie! Very good.

Kev poured cherry slushy on me twice - that was less fun. That also reminds me,I need to work on getting that bright red slushy stain out of my favorite jeans. /sigh... On the way out, the screen across the hall was playing Cloverfield, and they'd left the doors open. I leaned down and peeked in, until Kev grabbed me and hauled me away. He doesn't want to have to deal with my nightmares when I insist on watching something that I KNOW will scare me to death.

A good time was had by both.

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