Sunday, June 29, 2008


We had a brief but nasty thunderstorm the other night, and my poor vegetable garden didn't weather it very well. My tomato plants, still in their wire cages, were flattened. I've propped them up and stabilized the cages with the help of some twine, but I don't know. I had to cut the cages off of two of them, and one plant is looking pretty wilted this morning. We'll see what happens - my fingers are crossed. There are a ton of little green tomatoes on the plants, and I'd like them to get the chance to ripen.

The peas aren't looking that great either. They're planted in a row, and over time, have grown and tangled themselves up with one another into sort of a snap pea hedge. The storm blew the "hedge" off of the netting that it was climbing, so it's all practically lying on the ground. I'm not quite sure what to do about that yet, but I have a few ideas. Again, my fingers are crossed.

The beans did okay, except that some of the tomato plants fell on them. I'm trying to keep them from being flattened as gigantic tomato plants flop around.

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