Sunday, July 27, 2008

MCF Test 19

Really? He's up to 19 already? MCF gives us another test.

Here are my answers:

1) Should film critics be genre-specific? Why or why not?

Yes and No. I think it would make more sense for fans of a particular genre to review films in that genre because they'd have more cred (at least to other fans), because they "get it". However, it could also be said they're not impartial. Whereas someone who reviews all movies can tell the general public that certain genre films are good and are worth going to see, and they'll be more likely to be believed than a "fan".

2) What are some of your favorite movies and/or episodes of television shows depicting time travel?

I don't really like time travel as a plot device, it's overused. However, Stargate SG1 had a really fun ep called 1969 with time travel involved, and their latest outing - the direct to DVD movie Stargate: Continuum - also involved time travel and was pretty good. There's a Star Trek:TNG episode involving time travel called "Yesterday's Enterprise" that is good (oh, and they have another ep that's just ok that kind of involves time travel - I can't remember what it's called - but Kelsey Grammar makes a cameo appearance at the end as a startship captain, and that alone makes the episode good ), and a Star Trek:DS9 episode called "Trials and Tribble-ations" that is really fun. Trek overused Time Travel though.

3) At this exact second, how did you get where you are in life?

I drove.

4) Will there be sex in heaven? (Hat tip to TheWriteJerry, who made this inquiry in an e-mail during the week that sparked an interesting discussion among the GeekFriends™. With their permission, I'll share some of their ideas next week.)

Sex as in copulation? Or sex as in differentiation between male and female?

I think Heaven will be so different from anything we can imagine that it won't matter. Sex is something given as a gift between a husband and wife to set their relationship apart from other relationships. I don't really know.

If you're talking about differentiation between male and female - I don't know that either.

SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION: What is “that” one thing Meat Loaf wouldn't do for love? I'll accept both humorous and serious responses.

Lose weight.

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