Friday, July 18, 2008

A Plea: Revisited

Back in February (dang that extraneous letter R!), I posted a plea for leads to a good Christian Geek website.

I want to find a good website/blog that caters to Geeks who are parents who are Christians. I don't want Creation-bashing, I don't want cursing, I don't want links to NSFW items, .... Something that caters to geek parents who like Science Fiction and Fantasy, books, TV, Movies, games, computers, comic books, cons, etc.
I've found one... but it's not very active.  MisfitChristians is a place (and podcast) for Christians who also happen to be fans of science fiction, fantasy, horror, anime, or writers of those genres and other similar genres.  The guy who started the website, Taylor Kent, says
This is how I see this ministry working. I believe that there will be those who go out into the fandom communities, building credibility as both Christians and Fans (throught various means like writing, music, podcast, service, expertise, etc.), forming relationships with other fans and through those relationship showing them the love and grace and hope and freedom and truth that the Lord offers with no strings attached. But for those people to be successful, they need a strong base camp to return to when they are beaten and battered by the storm. And a place where they can bring those new to the Lord, where they will not be judged for their fan-ish beliefs, to learn and grow.

And I believe that the Misfit Christian Network is at a place right now where we are building that base camp. God has opened the eye in the storm and provided the raw materials. We simply have to begin building the community.
Go over there. Sign up.  Help get that community more active!

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