Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Christmas Time Is Near

Here's a short "Christmas Meme" for you. The following three questions were actually asked in an email newsletter I get at work - but I thought it would make a nice meme.
1. Do you think you will have a white Christmas this year?
Maybe. We've had some flurries the past couple of days, but a mild winter is predicted for this area.
2. Do you usually go to Christmas service at your church or a Christmas program/musical?
We try.  It's difficult with my work schedule and young children. We like the midnight candlelight services. And my kids usually have at least one Christmas program or musical that they are a part of through school or church.  The church I grew up in has had a Christmas Program for the past 30 years, this year is the last time they'll do it (scroll down after clicking that link, it's not formatted well). It's sad to see it go. It started out as a really great tradition - in the past decade or so has been more about showmanship, in my opinion - so I guess it's time they moved on to something new next year.  What's really weird is that this year (it's last) is the first time ever that they've charged for tickets!
3. Do you usually gather the family around and read the Gospel account about the birth of Christ?
Absolutely. It's part of a tradition I'm building for my family.  I haven't quite got the timing down (sometimes I forget and it's the last thing we do before we split up and start eating breakfast or getting ready for the day).  I think usually I try to do it right before or right after the kids open their presents. I usually read from Luke 2... last year I switched to Matthew's recounting, and might stick with that.

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