Saturday, April 03, 2010


Headline from the Houston Chronicle: Some scholars fear we're losing religious meaning of Easter


Really? Losing the meaning behind a “religious holiday”? Or any holiday for that matter.


I thought Easter was all about candy, and peeps, and a gazillion kids scrambling across an open field to find as many plastic eggs as possible to get more candy. There’s a religious meaning behind all that greed? Easter is about the death and resurrection Jesus Christ?! He died to atone for my sins so I wouldn’t have to? Where’s the greed in that? Was there a bunny involved?


What about Christmas? That’s just about getting more stuff isn’t it? You give me nice shiny wrapped gifts under a dead tree on Christmas, right? Wait, what? That holiday is about Jesus too? Why does he get two holidays? Isn’t it all about me getting more stuff from a fat man with magical flying wildlife?


Oh! How about Halloween? More candy! This time, with door-to-door begging included! What? That’s really a festival celebrating the thinning of the veil between this world and the otherworld allowing the dead to reach through? Really? I thought it was all about greed again.


What about Memorial Day, The 4th of July, and Labor Day? Those are all about getting a day off work and getting drunk in public, right? You mean those days have meaning apart from kicking back and relaxing?


Oh I know! Election Day! That one is about getting a day off of work, right? SCORE! No? I have to go somewhere and vote for people I’ve never heard of?! We’re supposed to vote in politicians to represent the people to the government! But once elected, they do whatever they darn well please without considering or caring what their constituents want, as long as it makes them look powerful.  There’s that greed again.


I fear it’s gone way beyond losing the meaning of Easter.



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