Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top Ten Posts of 2009

This is my 2009 "best of". I picked them. They're not based on hits, or number of comments or anything indicating they were better than any other post. I just picked 10 of what I consider our most interesting posts this year. 

We started the year with The Snowpocalypse, and Rubi's post about it. Then later in the year I updated with a summary of a few weeks in the life, which included remodeling! and more remodeling. At one point my job and I were in the news. At the end of September, Rubi got a new job. I feel it necessary to include the Muppets rendition of a classic Queen tune.   At Thaksgiving I like to post my yearly Thankfulness post. And Rubi and I started a podcast!

And here's a bonus, Miss Kitty!

Happy New Year!

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